Finalist Bio: Untitled Studio



We are a collective of designers exploring cultural and ecological performance in the landscape. We see design as having the power to expose, in two senses of the word. First, to reveal and turn a critical eye to existing human systems and narratives – about progress, growth, development – that may be ripe for reassessment and change. The designer’s role is then to propose new solutions and inspire new possibilities. Second, to foster awareness of our inseparable bond to the natural world, and to thus unite our lives culturally and physically with the processes of the landscape around us.

We wish to emphasize that ideal design will benefit all people, embracing and empowering humans of all races, classes, genders, and beliefs. We celebrate the plurality of human existence, and encourage development whose benefits are broad, long-lasting, and far-reaching.

Pluralism is the concept that inspires and drives us most. Life is experienced in limitless ways, and we recognize that there are limits to what we as individuals can imagine and dictate for others. Thus there needs to be, at the core of all design, a deep respect for individual autonomy. Design should be a tool to support and enhance people’s lives, promoting diversity and coexistence. Our goal is to unite humans with their environment, unite humans with one another, and finally to encourage popular involvement in the processes that directly affect our lives. This was the inspiration for the Rings of Ownership of our Living Loop: we provide the framework, but the real questions of how it should look and feel, and who it should belong to, are answered by the city, the communities, the individual; because ultimately it is people and their participation that make the place.


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All information and media presented with permission from Untitled Studio.