Finalist Bio: Alta Planning + Design




Alta’s mission is to create active communities. Our company headquarters in Portland’s central eastside includes a multidisciplinary studio of 30 planners, designers, engineers, and outreach specialists. In this buzzing beehive of creativity and analysis, we focus all our attention on helping communities plan, design, and implement places for walking and bicycling. We prepare creative and implementable plans, concepts, and studies through a combination of urban design, engineering, landscape architecture, education and safety programs, economic analysis, and public outreach.

Alta is a leader in the field of visioning, designing, and implementing Complete Streets. Our approach is to create livable communities where streets go beyond mobility. We enhance aesthetics and increase the economic success of corridors through streetscape improvements, sustainable stormwater management, balanced modes of transportation, and safety recommendations. Alta is breaking new ground in the development and implementation of the “next best practices” for streetscape design, construction, operations, and placemaking.

We believe great planning and design solutions come from a dynamic exchange between the people who know and use the public space and the project team. The Alta team is skilled at using innovative strategies and technologies to tap into the inherent wisdom of the community and offer solutions that respond to and carry the community’s input forward.

Proudly working with clients in the Pacific Northwest and across the country, we are committed to transforming communities, one trip at a time, one step at a time, and one street, intersection, and park at a time. Founded in 1996, Alta has more than 170 staff in 29 offices across North America.

We developed Alta’s vision of the Rose City Linc through several design charrettes that pooled the resources and creative energy of our whole studio team, and members of Greenworks Landscape Architecture. Our core team for the LoopPDX competition is comprised of:

  • Katie Mangle, Principal and Portland Group Leader, has dedicated her 20-year career to helping communities become more active, healthy, and vibrant through urban design.
  • Nick Falbo, an active transportation planner and designer who specializes in the next generation of protected bicycle lanes, shared space streets, and transit oriented Complete Streets. Nick is shaping the field by popularizing future bikeway and intersection design, and helps create active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities. Nick is a NACTO-certified trainer and instructor at Portland State University.
  • Deven Young is a landscape designer who is adept at overseeing and facilitating design and implementation for urban spaces, trails, parks, and open space projects. He brings design thinking and creative solutions to a wide array of regional active transportation and public open space projects. Deven’s technical strengths and design proficiency can be seen in his conceptual designs and construction details.
  • Prescott Morrill, trained in both planning and landscape architecture, is an active transportation designer who specializes in technical renderings, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure design, and analysis of network connectivity. He brings his creativity and passion for cycling to everything he does.
  • Jillian Portelance is a graphic designer with over ten years of experience in visual communication design. While with Alta, Jillian has offered her specialized graphic design expertise on numerous active transportation projects, including citywide bicycle and pedestrian master plans, charrette materials for corridor and intersection design improvements, and over a dozen encouragement and education campaigns.


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All information and media presented with permission from Alta Planning + Design.