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Your contributions support critical historic preservation of the John Yeon Center’s properties.  Thank you!

John Yeon (1910-1994) is nationally regarded as a regional pioneer in the fundamental rethinking of 20th-century architecture. Yeon’s widely acknowledged masterwork of architecture is the Watzek House (1937). Beautifully sited and exquisitely detailed in native woods, the home was instantly recognized as a masterpiece.

The University of Oregon has been entrusted with the Watzek House’s care and preservation. A crucial component to the house’s design, functionally and aesthetically, is its cedar roof and hidden rain gutter system. The house is shingled, with a 2.5-inch reveal (as opposed to the traditional 5 inches). The downspouts are hidden internally in the walls, and the copper gutters are tucked behind a razor sharp flashing detail, the two connected by lead goosenecks that, after 80 years, are failing.

Fundraising to replace the roof is underway now. The total cost of the roof and gutter repair is estimated to be $600,000. To ease the burden on the John Yeon Endowment Fund, which supports all aspects of Yeon Center operations, the University of Oregon is raising funds from private individuals and organizations. Approximately $100,000 has been raised to date. Please join our campaign!

We want to thank donor J. Douglas Macy for his lead gift of $50,000 to launch our effort to restore the roof.

With your gifts, the UO will be able to care for this National Historic Landmark now and for future generations.

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Photo credit: Walter Boychuk 1939

Three-year commitment

Founders will receive invitations to all Conversations at the Watzek House, to VIP receptions with John Yeon Lecturers, and to the annual Picnic at The Shire. In addition, Founders can cohost with a UO faculty member or director a dinner for 12 at the Watzek House or a special Picnic at The Shire, and they will receive limited edition print of the image that launched the Northwest Regional Style, the 1938 photo by Walter Boychuk of the Watzek House, first published in the 1939 Museum of Modern Art book, Art in Our Time.

Associate Founders
Three-year commitment

Associate Founders will receive invitations to select Conversations at the Watzek House, to VIP receptions with John Yeon Lecturers, and to the annual Picnic at The Shire. In addition, Associates receive a special limited edition print from award-winning photographer Susan Seubert’s portfolio of photographs of The Shire.

Photo credit: Susan Seubert 2010

Photo credit: Susan Seubert 2010

Three-year commitment

Supporters will receive invitations to VIP receptions with John Yeon Lecturers and to the Center’s annual Picnic at The Shire.  A private tour of the Watzek House for a group of 12 will be available.


Members will receive invitations to receptions for the John Yeon Lecturers and an invitation to the Center’s annual Picnic at The Shire.


Every little bit helps: even a modest contribution is a vote for the John Yeon Center’s efforts to giving these stunning properties new life in the design and conservation culture of Oregon.

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