Tour the Watzek House

WatzekDesigned for the lumber baron and civic patron Aubrey Watzek when John Yeon was just 26 years old, the Watzek House instantly became an icon for bold, new regional interpretations of the Modernist movement. The Museum of Modern Art published the home in its 1939 10th anniversary book, Art of Our Time, with Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jacobs House. Built from a veritable symphony of regional woods and inventive distillations of historical motifs, Yeon described the design as “a sequence of revelations.”

The house is rich with unique architecture, furniture, and art that is best understood through close visual study. Spend time observing the intimate details of the Watzek house by bringing your favorite sketching medium.



View the drawings from previous events in the slideshow below.

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Tour the Shire

John Yeon's "Shire" in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic AreaEnjoy the landscape Yeon sculpted for the sole purpose of relishing the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge on one of our periodic tours. Walk the manicured paths, absorb the captured views of Multnomah Falls, and enjoy the place that inspired the creation of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Join the Yeon Center membership for the annual Picnic at The Shire.

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