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Adaptive Cities Team – SWA Group

For nearly six decades, SWA has been recognized as a world leader in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. After emerging in 1959 as the West Coast office of Sasaki, Walker Associates, the firm became the SWA Group in 1975. A pioneer in merging high design with large scale planning and urban work, the firm continues to be unique in this regard. Although among the bigger firms within our field, we’ve organized into smaller studio-based offices to enhance creativity and responsiveness. Our projects, located in more than 60 countries worldwide, have garnered over 800 awards.

Our work is fueled by a deep appreciation for the beauty of natural systems and the complexity of human-made infrastructures. Our projects have been recognized for their visionary aesthetics, exceptional functionality, and social and environmental performance at a range of scales. These range from a single parking space in downtown San Francisco to a regional-scale riparian park in the heart of Houston. At SWA’s core is a passion for design and planning that adds value to land, buildings, cities, regions, and people’s lives.

SWA’s Adaptive Cities Team is a research and design group based in the Sausalito, California office. Aimed at rethinking, redefining, and reimagining the material, ecological and social aspects of the city, our approach is experimental, open-ended, and interdisciplinary.


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